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GolfSouthernCal has been pioneering golf deals and the way people book their tee times in Southern California for many years now. We know golf courses want new golfers and more play on their course and golfers want to play more golf. In order for that to happen, we all need to work together and help each other out. is taking many of the different aspects of golf and putting them together to help bring golfers and golf courses together.

We have many ways to help you play more golf and improve your game. We have membership programs that include golf coupons, FREE golf and an official SCGA/GHIN membership. We are putting together deals for you on golf lessons, tournaments, events, practice facilities and more. We are all seeing more and more deal of the day programs out there and we are happy to be a part of that movement, as long as it is working to achieve our main objective, which is golfers playing more golf and golf courses getting more players. Because we do not want to make this our primary focus, we are not planning on having a different deal every day. We won't be another "deal of the day" service. But rather, we will have many deals that will come our way that we will gladly share with you. These require only your free membership to be able to purchase.

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